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Building Competence

We believe you can get the most out of your product by understanding the relevant testing methods in detail. We train engineers to understand and use these testing methods by themselves. This results in your engineers developing a deep understanding about your product and its quality. Once a quality opportunity arises, your engineers will be ready to assess the situation quickly and get results the same day. Our Lab Aces team is available for advice 24 hours per day, 7 days in the week.


We provide your engineers with the testing facilities they need any day of the week, any hour of the day and even during weekends. Both methods for assessing the mechanical properties of solid materials, products and liquids are available. Payment is done per half hour of machine use, no matter how many results are obtained. We make sure the equipment is calibrated, ready to use and well maintained at any moment, so you can rely on it as soon as the opportunity arises.

Analysis Service

 Need results right now? Our Lab Aces team is ready to analyze your parts quickly and give you the results with an extensive analysis report. Instead of weeks, we provide you with results within day(s). Your engineers are also welcome to join the analysis procedure to gain even better understanding of the properties of your product.

Understand your product

Adapt quickly

Available any time

Why Us

Our team of Material Analysis Experts

Our material test Aces are ready to assist your engineers every step of the way. We will develop their testing competencies and provide testing facilities. This allows you to act quickly when quality challenges arise. You can start your 8D process and get your first analysis results the same day!

Walk in every day

Same day results

Deep Product Knowledge

Build your competence

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