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We believe that you can gain the best understanding of your product by analyzing the product yourself. After developing the competence, we make our testing equipment available. Your engineers will have all competences and facilities available to tackle your next quality opportunity. Having the competence in-house also means we can provide you with the fastest, most in-depth and afforable way to do your analysis. Empowering you and your engineers is our passion.

1. Discuss your needs

While enjoying a cup of coffee, we discuss which methods suit your needs. Whether it is consultancy, testing facilities or a full analysis, together we will find the right fit for you.

2. Developing Competence

We train your engineers, free of charge, to use and understand the testing equipment required for optimizing your operations. The combined knowledge of your product and the analysis method will allow them to interpret the results effectively.

3. Getting Results

After training, your engineers will be able to book the equipment whenever they need it. The first 2 hours of bookings are on us. Our Lab Aces team is able to assist during every step of the process. Including test plan review free of charge.


We strongly recommend to develop the material testing competence yourself in our laboratory. We help you developing these competences by providing a wide range of trainings. However, in some situations it might be more convenient if the test is executed by the Lab Aces team. We are happy to perform the tests including reporting as a service to our customers. Want a more hands-off aproach? Our consultancy takes everything out of your hands and promises to deliver results.

Testing Services

We analyze your application with the suitable material testing method to get the most relevant information to improve your products and processes.


Dealing with a larger scale challenge? We offer consultancy to solve your process and material related challenges. From adhesive reliability to contamination control, we will find the right solution for you.

Lab Aces

You can contact us either by phone or email. You are also always welcome to come by for a cup of coffee.

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